The Southeast Asian Healing Center, Inc is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving underrepresented elders and people of Hmong, Lao and Khmer communities of the Greater Madison Area.


Neu K, LLC is a CCS provider that provides services based on wrap-around and holistic models. We work closely with spiritual healers with respect to our clients culture. We aim to foster harmony between western views on medicine and mental health and traditional Southeast Asian cultures.

Who We Serve


Our community is mostly made up of immigratns, refugees and 1.5 and 2nd generation Hmong Americans, Khmer Americans and Lao Americans who are veterans and survivors of genocide and war. Many in our community struggle with socioeconomic issues, social isolation and overcoming cultural barriers.

Who are the consumers?

The consumers are adults Hmong Americans, Khmer Americans and Lao Americas. Some of the consumers are veterans, widow of veterans and adults who have severe mental health problems due to their services and sacrifices to America during the Vietnam War. Some of the consumers are second generation Southeast Asian Americans who are having socioeconomic and mental health issues.