Staff of SEAHC Team Include:

Staff are an experienced and culturally competent diverse team of clinicians, professional social workers, case workers, and psychiatrist.

 Doua Vang, MS, Executive Director of the Southeast Asian Healing Center Inc., Neu K LLC, and the Cambodian Temple. Doua has decades of experience in direct service, managing funds and programs, and supervising staff. Doua coordinates and collaborates with consumers, stakeholders, agencies, and the public.


Linda Keys, LCSW, MSSW, is the Clinical Supervisor for the Southeast Asian Healing Center and the Mental Health Professional for Neu K LLC, the CCS program. For over two decades she has worked with Southeast Asian community service programs. She has worked in a variety of mental health services field for her entire career, and she has no plans to stop soon. Linda enjoys being with her children and grandchildren, traveling, gardening, and hanging out with dogs.

Linda Keys

Frederick Coleman, MD, functions as the psychiatrist for both Hmong and Khmer clients. He has worked with Southeast Asian programs since 1990. He has worked as Assistant Clinical Professor, teaching culture and mental health at the UW Department of Psychiatry. His primary academic and clinical  interest has been the treatment of people with psychiatric disorder from a variety of cultural backgrounds and ethnicities.

Maivaj Yang, BA,
Program Manager/Service Facilitator at the Neu K LLC, Southeast Asian Healing Center’s CCS program. She attended college at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Vocational Rehabilitation. She first worked at the Goodwill Industries of South-Central Wisconsin where she worked extensively with individuals with disabilities. She ventured into working with Hmong youth through working as a substitute teacher in the Madison Area School District and as a Bilingual Teacher Assistant at the Bayview Community Center’s Head Start program. Mai began working at Kajsiab House in June of 2000 where she has dedicated over 20 years in helping Hmong elders and the Hmong community and continues to use her extensive knowledge and expertise in making a difference in her clients lives.  

Maivaj Yang

Caitlyn Lee, Office Manager/Transportation Program Coordinator at Neu K LLC. She currently attends Madison College and is planning to transfer to the University ofWisconsin-Madison to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Caitlyn joined NeuK LLC in 2022 has since discovered her passion in working with the elderly.  While working at the Southeast Asian Healing Center, she is hoping to expand her knowledge in social advocacy, community engagement and development, case management, and more.

Ann Garden, MS, LPC, has been working with the Cambodian refugees since the 1990’s. She has children, grandchildren, and too many hobbies to count.  

Ann Garden

Katherine Montgomery is a Service Facilitator at Neu K LLC, Southeast Asian Healing Center’s CCS program. Katherine has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Administration and Medical Records, obtained in 2012. She first began her career in banking and insurance, as well as other careers. Katherine joined the Southeast Asian Healing Center in 2021 and enjoys using her plethora of knowledge to support and encourage her clients to practice independence and self confidence in their lives. While not working, Katie can be seen spending time with her family of 6 children, and ten grandchildren.  

Katherine Montgomery

Yee Lor, BA, is the Suicide Awareness and Prevention Program Coordinator for the Hnub Tshiab Siav Tshiab program at the Southeast Asian Healing Center. A recent graduate at UW-Madison, she has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and extensive experience working the Southeast Asian community in Madison, WI. In the future, she hopes to get her Social Work license and pursue a path into the mental health field to serve the Hmong community.

Yee Lor

Kao Yang, BA, is the Suicide Awareness and Prevention Program Coordinator for the Hnub Tshiab Siav Tshiab program at the Southeast Asian Healing Center. He is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin but moved to Madison, Wisconsin to study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and hopes to reduce suicide rates and improve knowledge of suicide and mental health in the Hmong community. Kao served in the Army Reserves from 2017 and 2023 and visits his family in Milwaukee nearly every weekend.

Kao Yang

Vicki Yang is a Service Facilitator at Neu K LLC, the Southeast Asian Healing Center’s CCS program. Vicki was just recently hired at Neu K LLC in 2023 and is excited to bring her experience in banking and insurance to support the clients and community at the Southeast Asian Healing Center program. She plans on getting her CNA certificate and pursuing her nursing degree.


Ricky Vang, BS, MS, is an Individual Skill Development specialist at Neu K LLC, Southeast Asian Healing Center’s CCS program. He attended college at the Minnesota Bible College and graduated with a Bachelor of Science and has a Masters of Ministry Degree of Theology from the Kentucky Christian College. Ricky has been working at the Neu K LLC since 2018 and has over 25 years of experience serving the Hmong and Laotian community. While not at Neu K LLC, Ricky can also be found supporting the community at the Kennedy Heights Community Center.

Ricky Vang

Davun Ou, is the Suicide Awareness & Support team, a part of the New Day New Life project at SEAHC. Davun’s role is to raise awareness about suicide risk in the community, educate about risks associated with suicide ideation, provide coping & safety plans and to connect the Southeast Asian Community to resources that provide them safety. Davun works directly with the Cambodian community. She spends much of her time at the Cambodian Buddhist Society of Wisconsin, offering her support. She has experience working with the Southeast Asian community including Hmong & Laotians and their elder communities. Davun continues to pursue her education in the mental health field to better serve the Southeast Asian community with their needs. Davun spends some of her off time volunteering at the Cambodian Buddhist Temple, at the Barnes & Noble and she enjoys outdoor activities.

Davun Ou

Shwaw, MS, Social Worker/Service Facilitator

Shwaw works to improve people’s lives through advocacy and helping them access services and health care. Shwaw has over 30 years of experiences working with multicultural/multilingual as bilingual Hmong/English speaker, with families throughout Dane County as a social worker/case manager. I also have 30 years of volunteer experiences. Shwaw served two terms as Madison Metropolitan School District Board of Education from 1996 to 2001. Shwaw has experience working with children and youths and their families. His work includes serving as a Family Community Liaison at Crestwood Elementary School; Case Manager with the Compass Unit (Children Comes First Provider) – Mental Health Center of Dane County, Case Manager with Children Comes